About Us

Creator Dana Damara talks about the inspiration behind Girls Elevate, and her hopes for the next generation.


Dana’s devotion to this organization comes from a place that is deep within her heart. Dedicated to going the extra mile to connect with her daughters, integrate her yoga practice, and heal the planet, finally, after 5 years in the making, birthed Girls Elevate.

She is a dedicated yogini with a business background. She’s been a corporate executive, traveled the world on a yacht, owned several businesses, published her own book and now, is committed to the growth and elevation of Girls Elevate.

A single mother with a village of support in Marin County, California, Dana breathes fierce compassion, empowered grace, and unwavering loyalty to her children, her community, and this program. She is inspired by her two daughters, the beauty of life, and living in the present moment with the past at our back. She believes that everything that happens to us, happens for us and that once we truly see with our heart, life makes sense and there is nothing but love.

“Every day I wake up and give thanks. I’m tired… managing my businesses, my self-care, my life, and my two daughters. But every single day I thank God I am alive and get to experience all the abundance in this lifetime.” Dana goes on to say, “I never thought I would be a mother. My childhood wasn’t all that great to be honest. I didn’t think I would be enough. We are human … we are going to doubt ourselves. But at the end of the day, I know now, that I am more than enough. And my two girls, my angels, look to me for guidance. I never pretend to know it all, but I definitely give my all.”

Dana is the creator of Girls Elevate, author of Oms from the Mat and she teaches yoga classes in the North Bay and the city of San Francisco. She travels nationally and globally, spreading the love of yoga and now…instilling the Girls Elevate manifesto wherever she goes. You can find out more about Dana at www.danadamara.com.



Adriana Zollo
Website: goddessglow.weebly.com

Adriana Zollo, is a writer, photographer, yogi, and woman on a mission to empower others. Her main interests lie in the topics of spirituality, sexuality, health, and sustainability.

You can find her drinking a lot of tea, being out in nature, and discussing philosophical matters of life with her friends. Oh,.. and her heart is the most open when she has a chance to be on the dance floor!





Ritu Riyat
Website: rituriyat.com

Ritu joined the Board of Directors for Girls Elevate to feed her deep passion and vision for girls of all colors across the globe to step into the world as big, bold, powerful beings.

Growing up a first generation Indian American girl in the bay area Ritu defied cultural and societal norms to explore her unique gifts and talents. Her interest in understanding the body and mind fueled her passion to heal the world through inner wisdom and education.

Ritu has worked with organizations supporting health education and women’s empowerment both nationally and internationally. She was a co-founder of the Young Women of Color Leadership Council (YWOCLC), AVSAR volunteer, and Street Yoga trainee.

She is a driven well-being expert helping people step back into their bodies through food, movement, and meditation.

“I believe all girls are powerful beings and have a unique gift to bring to the world. When this wisdom is nurtured, girls step into the world ready to make change happen and heal the planet.” ~ Ritu Riyat