Embrace your fears

Embrace your fears

What are you afraid of? Take a moment to hear what comes up in response to this question. Now answer this, what are you REALLY afraid of. Peel back the layers and see what’s hidden there.

Often times we try to escape our fears by distracting our minds or even tricking ourselves into thinking it’s no big deal. But fear is an important primal emotion; it lets us know there is a threat lurking around.

Understanding our fears provides crucial information in how to move forward. Unfortunately, the new age threats lurking around are not in the form of lions and tigers but rather present themselves as judgment, embarrassment, failure and more.

Yes, there are real life threats that put our life at risk. I’m not talking about those. What I’m referring to is the fear that arises when we are asked to speak in front of a crowd of people, the fear that arises when are presented with an amazing opportunity to pursue our dreams, the fear that arises when we meet new people, the fear that arises when we take a chance.

What’s up with this fear? Why does it feel so powerful and scary? Because it is powerful and scary… in a GOOD way. Fear, like love, let’s us know that we are alive. It’s a form of excitement that bubbles uncontrollably in the face of something new and different. And experiencing something new and different, living each moment fully, and following the compass of our heart is life.

Who said life is about coloring within the lines, when we step outside of our comfort zone that’s when something new is created. Acknowledge the presence of fear that is bubbling up inside and then continue to step forward towards your dreams. Each step will give you the confidence to take the next step.

Most importantly remember that you’re not alone, fear is universal, and we all experience it. It’s how we embrace it that set us apart.Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing life. Embrace it and follow your dreams.

What are you afraid of?



Ritu Riyat


Bio: Ritu Riyat is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Well-Being Coach, and a primal Indian girl finding balance in a new age world. Her deepest desire is for all people to be healthy and happy through food, movement, and meditation. She can be found cycling in San Francisco, meditating by the ocean, or cuddled up on her couch just being. www.rituriyat.com


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