Friends: And how to get through tough times with them

friendshipHave you ever felt like you do not have any friends or they have all changed and you have not?

Well that is how I felt.  I lost 3 of my friends in just one year! At first I thought, “Am I really that bad?”   But then my Mom and Dad both told me that I was the most amazing person they have ever met.  So then I made new friends; but then I got kinda picky so I found things that bothered me about them like:  they were too bossy or too mean.  Then I realized how lonely I was when I did not have friends, and even though they might be bossy, rude or mean, all of us can be those things at one point right?

So I made a list that said all the things that I look for in a friend: trustworthiness, kindness, honesty, and love. And then I made a list of what I would do with that perfect friend: First, I would tell her everything!  We would swim a lot and ride bikes together, and last but not least, SHOP!!!

What I learned is that we all have flaws and we all need to accept those flaws in one another and see beyond that …. love.
So I hope, after you read this blog, you can find that acceptance of others and the meaning of friendship!

Love, Miss Smarty Pants

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