Inner Beauty

INNER BEAUTYI thought it was important to follow up our body image blog with a “rebuttal” of sorts and call it inner beauty. You see, our goal and intention in Girls Elevate is to uplift our girls. And while I believe it is very important for them to recognize what they are “up against”, I also feel like it’s equally important to identify the positive road that is wide open for them.

How do we alleviate body image issues?

We have a strong sense of Self.
We cultivate and utilize tools that bring our awareness inward instead of outward.
We make choices that feed our soul and not our ego.
We decide not to engage in drama, gossip and media hypnosis.
We develop self-acknowledgment, self-awareness, and self-love.

Sounds so easy doesn’t it? It’s not. But it IS doable and possible if we DO it and REWARD it and show the benefit of this type of behavior. I took my daughter’s phone away about two weeks ago and she said to me, “Mom, I just feel lighter without that phone.”

Hmmmmmm … getting bogged down by other people’s energy are we young goddess? I get it. But we must teach them these tools … it is our job. Period. They already know they are beautiful, we must RE-mind them.

It’s easy to talk about inner beauty. What is it?

Caring for others, being kind to our planet, applying self-care rituals that uplift the soul. Knowing who you are, loving your family and your friends. All of that can be defined as inner beauty.

Because we all know that beauty is only as beautiful as our thoughts, our words and our actions.

We all knew we were beautiful the day we were born. We all saw that the world as beautiful. We all thought everything was beautiful until some point in our lives when we didn’t.

So I say let’s go back to that yes? But how?


We meditate ~ we keep our energy clean and clear ~ we take time to take baths, and read a book.
We paint our nails, we exercise, we sleep, drink water and eat good food.
We spend time with family and friends.
We practice saying nice things to ourselves and we get out in nature.
We give back to our community and perform random acts of kindness.

Our inner beauty is not defined by anyone else; no one can tell us we are beautiful. We must believe it in our hearts. And when we start to notice the beauty outside of ourselves, RE-membering that we ARE that, we know and remember that we are no different than anything or anyone else.

Inner beauty is an inner knowing ….

Here’s a tip:

Stop looking at your computer screen for a moment and look in the mirror. Yeah, look in the mirror. Say, “I am beautiful”. And then say it again, and again, and again. Then say, “I love you.” And then say it again, and again and again.

There is no better affirmation than from yourself to yourself. But you have to believe it!

Here’s another tip for you linear thinkers:

  • Make a list of random acts of kindness… then go do them!
  • Make a list of beautiful things you love about your sister, your mother, your friends … of anyone and send it to them!
  • Ask them to make a list of wonderful things about you – then make one for yourself!

Tape that list to your mirror and RE-member. You are not a magazine cover, you are not a Facebook post, you are more than that … you are Extraordinary and Unique and a gift to this world.


Author:  Dana Damara, Founder Girls Elevate, Yogini, Momma in training

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