Our  program is offered to grades 5-12 as an after school program, summer camps and retreats.

Our goal is to assist our youth in reducing stress and anxiety, staying focused in their goals, and leading from a place of truth, integrity, inclusivity, kindness, and empathy.  Our goal is for kids to recognize their true leadership potential while navigating the pressures of middle and high school.



Our Program is a three tiered program and includes:

*  Yoga, mindfulness and social/emotional intelligence curriculum

*  Yoga training programs

*  Integration of gender/age appropriate topics and rites of passage

getahoeClasses will be built around these topics

  • Self love, self care, self respect
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Technology and social media management
  • Gratitude, empathy, tolerance and kindness
  • Management and expression of emotions
  • Anatomy – sexuality
  • Speaking your truth and living authentically
  • Wielding and using your power
  • Relational aggression, bullying and cyber-bullying
  • Friendship – courage
  • Values and integrity

Monthly after school session topics include education and development programs covering: overall health and wellness, self awareness techniques, team-building and leadership development, conscious collaboration, community outreach, environmental revival, rites of passage, sexuality, philanthropic field trips, and planting the seeds of spiritual activism to heal our planet

Girls Elevate will pilot it’s program in the Fall of 2016 in the public school system.  Each session will include a yoga/meditation session and integration of the following topics.

getahoe3Topics Include:

  • Foundational values
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Commitment and discipline
  • Inner and outer strength building
  • Confidence and leadership techniques
  • Body image
  • Respecting your sexuality
  • Social media management
  • Speaking your truth
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Being uniquely you
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Self care – self esteem – self enhancement
  • Using your intuition

For more information or to get on our email list:

Call: 415-758-8848
To Register: Contact Girls Elevate

Pilot program 2016 will be free of charge
Program will run for 10 weeks


Bring this to your city:

Ever wish you had a program like this when you were growing up?  I know I do!  That’s why as a team, we are creating a mentorship program so that you can bring this to your town.

It was Brigham Young who said, “When you educate a man, you educate a man,  But when you educate a woman, you educate a generation.”

This is our premise, our intention, our mantra.  Become a mentor; you may be surprised at how this heals your own life, creates an amazing connection with your daughter and how just by doing THAT, you have created a ripple effect that will transform the world.

This IS a revolution!  Contact us if you are interested in receiving more information as it becomes available.