"Girls Elevate started conversations between my daughter and I that our busy life didn't allow for. I loved the carved out mom/daughter time this made us have."

"It's a positive, energizing world around us, yet the media absorbed world doesn't focus on that and as a young girl it's easy to loose focus on that. Girls Elevate allows a break in the go-go lifestyle we all lead and lets us focus on our daughters inner strengths, so they know how to process the world around them and make good decisions for them."

"Having 3 daughters, the eldest being 21 now - I know how critical a strong self-esteem is for a girl through those teenage years. I'm glad Girls Elevate is around for my younger daughters, this time I'm being proactive and giving them tools they'll use for the rest of their life. We're not only helping our own daughters, but their inner strength is noticeable and they are inspiring others."

"I believe whole-heartly in the mission of Girls Elevate. It is a platform that will teach young girls and their mothers the importance of establishing healthy relationships with themselves and to help build a strong sisterhood needed in the world today."