The most authentic image we can have of ourselves comes from the strength of our Spirit


10857965_10154948571435611_4899110706850747414_nOur bodies are so strong and yet so fragile at the same time. There in lies the paradox of having a body so strong that it can do incredible physical activities such as yoga, martial arts, running, dancing and lifting weights. Yet, it is so fragile that if we do not love and care for it with healthy exercise and healthy eating habits it will break us down emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. The importance of body image is not about the physical appearance, but about how this vehicle of ours can vastly improve our life if we love and care for it.

Many people abuse their bodies out of lack of self-love and self-care. The body always wants balance and to return to a space of homeostasis. In the practice and philosophy of yoga, the premise is to have a union between the body and mind. Therefore, when the mind is healthy then the body is healthy and when the body is healthy then the mind is healthy. There is no denying that we are made of various components that make us beautiful and complex. This is the true importance of our body image, which is to realize that the body is only one piece of he puzzle. If we take care of our bodies and treasure them for what they are, instead of judging it, we will also be healthier and happier mentally.

Let us teach young girls how to feel strong, proud, and confident about being healthy instead of teaching them about being a specific body type. Confidence shines from within. It shines from within the girl whom is happy with who she is and who she is becoming.

Yoga is a practice that has helped many young girls and women who struggle with body image or who have struggled from it in the past. This is because the practice is not supposed to be about gaining a specific physique, rather it teaches them to love and honor their body. The practice is also very physical and will test your mental and emotional self when trying to attempt a pose or stay in a pose. Yoga helps to train your body, but more importantly it trains your strength of spirit. True confidence comes from the strength of your character and spirit, because the body can and will change.

by: Adriana Zollo

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