Who Are You?

1978406_640754289294115_5555794_oBeneath the labels, the job titles, the busyiness, the ambitious attitude, the resolutions, the sweat on your mat … who are you and what do you stand for?   Because I’ve decided that’s what really matters. The fire in your belly; the thing you would die for; the insane amount of love that overflows from you when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and trust.

It’s crazy really once you decide to live like this. A bit chaotic at first but grounding does wonders.

You know this but I’ll remind you: Who you are is not the “likes” you get on your FB page, or how many Insty followers you have, or even what people say about you in your testimonials on your site or to your face.

I want to know who you are in the face of transformation. Who are you when you think your life is heading down one road and all of a sudden it takes a sharp left turn? Who are you in the face of adversity? Do you fall into fear? Stand alone and become the victim.

Who are you while you stand in prosperity and abundance? Do you honor your strengths and how you got there? Do you remember those individuals who lifted you up and held your hand? When you have more than enough, do you share?

Five days into the New Year I was knocked to my knees unexpectedly. Why? Because it was time for me to truly stand in my truth and really BE the pillar of strength that I am when I stand on my mat. You see, it’s easy to stand in strength when we are “doing what we do”. It’s easy to BE that when it’s an image to uphold or an idea to fulfill or even an example to set.

But at the end of the day, when the lights go out, or someone pulls the “wool over our eyes” and we are attacked to our core, that is when we truly see who we are, what we stand for and what we are made of. Do we forget the amazing magic and fall into the darkness? No, we keep moving … and moving into the light nonetheless.

We re-member our infinite light and love and we keep moving in THAT direction. EVERY SINGLE THING that happens TO us happens for us. And we are ALWAYS being called to stand in a deeper integrity and truth of who we are with MORE grace and compassion than we can imagine we hold.

What do I stand for?

Truth. Integrity. Follow through. Freedom. Justice. Love. Yes .. all of that. And you know what? That hasn’t changed about me since as far back as I can remember. And you what else? It’s challenging to stand in that sometimes … especially when someone you have loved for so long takes that and challenges you to your core.

How do I handle it? With love, grace and understanding? Sure. I’ll bow to it all with gratitude. And oh, by the way, I won’t forget my sword that cuts through the illusion with fierce compassion and authentic new boundaries.

We are always changing … always evolving and hopefully elevating our Selves to a level that represents a higher vibration of who we are in the light. And remember, the dark MUST ALWAYS be illuminated in order for the light to reflect it’s deepest essence… always.

Don’t be afraid … go right into it. It’s who you are … beyond it all, IN it all. It’s who you are.



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